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Atlanta 57 Driveway Gravel for Sale

At 81 Gravel of Atlanta, we sell and deliver gravel.
> QUALITY - 57 driveway gravel are quality, clean, DOT approved.
> VALUE - 81 provides value "all-inclusive pricing" to companies in Metro Atlanta, with fair everyday "under-prices"
> HISTORY - Founded in 1993, 81's Mining Company is locally owned and operated
> EXPERIENCE - Thousands of customer and hundreds of thousands of loads succesfully delivered
> FAST - Fleet of clean tandem dump trucks delivering to Atlanta East, Atlanta South, Atlanta North equipped with GPS
> PRECISION - Exact delivery times with delivery updates by phone and text
> SPEED - Quick quote 404-725-8515: Same-day and next day delivery
> CONVENIENCE - Credit cards accepted for convenience, bill tracking

Gravel #57 Driveway Gravel
Description: #57, gray granite or concrete stone mixture, used for drainage, erosion control and driveways as cover
Size: nickels and quarters 1/2 inch to 1 inch, Excellent for drainage, materials stays clean in your driveway

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Material: Granite crush and run 404-725-8515

81 also delivers other gravels, fill dirt, topsoil and river rock products.

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